August 14, 2022

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4 Signs That You Just Miss Being Alone, Realize Immediately!

Missing is not something that must be reciprocated. But isn’t longing alone painful too? Everything will seem unfair. Though maybe it’s best that it should be that way.

Often, we are human beings who cannot accept reality. It’s too selfish to admit that things don’t always go the way we want them to. Sometimes, acknowledgment is important. We are human and just like many other people.

Some of the things below are signs that you just miss being alone.

1. Not getting a response

When you try to express your longing to others, you will get no return for it. You are heard, but not given special treatment. Or even just to appreciate his feelings.

Maybe you will continue to think positively that he has not realized his mistake. But do you know how long this will continue? Maybe he just doesn’t miss you.

2. Always have a reason

When you invite him to meet or just intensify communication, he always has reasons to avoid you. Starting from simple reasons concerning himself, to many other things that have brought the names of many people.

Some people think that when they carry the names of many people, the easier it is for them to be trusted by others. Unfortunately, trust just takes time. You don’t need many names.

3. Impressing trivializing

“Haha, just like that, really” is an example of a trivial sentence from someone you miss. When someone really respects you, then he will appreciate whatever you say. They will even try to make what you want.

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So, what will happen to him who likes to underestimate everything? Yeah, he doesn’t really love you.

4. Likes to make promises

He who doesn’t miss you when you miss him is the one who makes promises. Saying to meet tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or any day, but never kept. However, you must try to control yourself. Don’t let your longing make you look inferior in the eyes of others.

Those are 4 signs that you miss being alone. Hopefully it can be useful and make you a better person, yes!