October 1, 2022


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4 Signs That Show You Actually Need A Break

The world is busy. It was as if everything was being chased by time that never turned to the left. However, no matter how busy you are, we are all human. It takes time to calm the mind and and recharge.

There are 4 signs that show that you actually need a break.

1. Physical exhaustion

The signs that are easiest to see and feel are physical ones. We will know that we need to rest when we are physically tired.

Don’t lie to yourself. You should rest if you are physically tired and your body aches.

Of course it feels different than usual. Get enough sleep and don’t do heavy work for a while.

2. Productivity decreases

The energy that is still full of course makes it easy for us to do things that are really useful. However, this is different when we are tired and need rest.

We become a little more lazy to do productive activities. If you experience it, take a break for a while.

Because without rest time, we also become discouraged to do useful things.

3. Easy to get into conflict with other people

Fatigue is also related to the mind. Fatigue makes us unable to think calmly with every situation. As a result, we will be more easily provoked emotions and cause conflict with other people.

The mind becomes hotter than usual and is easily provoked by emotions just because of trivial matters. Well, rest is important so as not to cause bad effects.

4. Being down

Feeling down, upset, or sad also includes fatigue. But in mental form. In those moments, you can’t do big things like when you don’t feel sadness.

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If you’re sad, it’s better to take a vacation or do activities that don’t make your mind feel heavier.

It’s not wrong if we steal a little time to make us feel happy in the midst of sadness.

Basically, love yourself. Other people won’t really care about your toughness, so only you can help you stay strong. Don’t be too harsh. As long as you’ve done the best you can, that’s enough.