August 8, 2022

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4 Signs Someone is in the Numb Phase, Have You Ever Felt It?

When we are betrayed by someone we love very much, of course there will be feelings of disappointment and deep hurt. That feeling of disappointment and heartache then traumatizes us to re-establish a new relationship with the opposite sex. When the trauma we have does not go away, we will arrive at a phase where we experience what is called numbness. A phase where we are no longer interested in a new relationship because we think everything will end the same.

However, sometimes we are not sensitive enough to it which makes us more and more trapped in that feeling. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss 4 signs that we have become numb. Here’s the review.

1. Tend to be cold towards others, especially the opposite sex

Because we are tired of being friendly to the opposite sex which ends up being played with us often, then we will tend to be colder. We try to fortify ourselves so that we are not easily trapped in a momentary feeling of love, which will eventually make us disappointed or hurt.

In fact, this is a good way to prevent those who approach us from thinking that we are too open and easy to approach or play with. However, without us realizing it, this one attitude can actually be a sign that we have become numb.

2. Assuming all men or women are the same

A small things can ruin big things. Just because one bad boy or girl hurts us, we will treat everyone who belongs to their clan as the same. Therefore, we are so reluctant to return to a new relationship. Like there is a feeling of fear that old events will repeat themselves.

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3. Privacy of social media accounts

The trauma is so deep that we try to cut off all avenues to interact with other people, especially with the opposite sex. And, privacy of social media accounts is one way for us to block all possibilities to get back close to the opposite sex.

4. Feel comfortable alone

The fear of being in a new relationship makes us accustomed to being alone. Over time, we become comfortable with our solitude. Perhaps, this is a common thing, when we are comfortable with this position. However, the comfort of being alone is also one of the characteristics we have numbed.

Those are some signs we have numbed. Do you feel it now?