September 27, 2022

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4 Signs It’s Time You Choose to Resign from the Office, Career Stuck!

The issue of career is not only about work or not. Even those who have got a job will not necessarily go through it smoothly. There are many problems in the work environment.

Problems in the workplace is what makes a person not feel at home to choose to leave. Well, if there are any of the following signs in the work that is being undertaken now, there is no need to hesitate anymore to: resign, you know. What are the signs? Let’s see the review below!

1. Every time I wake up I am immediately unhappy when I remember I have to go to the office

Work is mandatory, one of which is to become an independent person by being able to finance one’s own needs. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most important thing to put your mental health at stake.

If you are immediately unhappy when you remember that you have to go to the office, it means that your job has become a major source of stress, and it would be dangerous to continue. You deserve, you know, to get a job that can make you happy live it.

So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Try looking for a new job, if you keep trying, you can definitely find a replacement job, and you don’t have to keep working at the old place.

2. Often procrastinate

It is undeniable that a person’s mentality is not always fit. There are times when boredom arises with work which then makes you procrastinate.

What to watch out for, if this has become a habit. It can indicate what you do that you really hate.

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3. Career stuck

It’s natural that you want your career to develop, both in terms of skills or responsibility or in terms of salary. If after working for a long time but the promotion or salary does not appear the new moon, plus you feel bored, then it’s okay to resign.

Hopefully in your new place you can improve skills facing more challenging jobs. Coupled with additional income, of course, your financial condition will be better.

4. Salary is too small

No need to be ashamed of wanting a bigger salary. Especially after you survey, positions with the same job description in other places provide much higher salaries than where you are now.

If the company can’t give you a better salary after you try to negotiate, then just look for a new job with a more reasonable salary.

Here are some signs that you should quit your current job. Even so, try to have a replacement job, yes, when you want to leave. That way, your family’s finances will not be in trouble!