October 1, 2022


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4 Signs a Serious Man Wants To Make You His Wife, Is Your Partner Like This Yet?

Some of you may be wondering, when the man you love will propose. Or, there may be concerns if he turns out to have no intention of bringing this love relationship to the aisle.

Well, to find out the signs of a serious man wanting to make you his wife, here are some characteristics that can be observed. Anything? Read on for reviews about sign of a serious man the following.

Signs of a Serious Man in a Love Relationship

1. He asks about your dream wedding

If a man has asked what kind of wedding is your dream, it means he is starting to prepare for that direction. He wants to make sure that the budget he has can finance the wedding you want.

If it turns out to be lacking, at least he can find a way to increase his income so that he can realize the wedding of your dreams.

2. He asked the ideal age you want to get married

Men who seriously intend to take your relationship to the aisle will ask about the age at which you want to get married. Worried that if he proposed first, it turns out that you are not ready.

Likewise, he was afraid that he deliberately waited a long time because he thought you didn’t want to hurry, but it turned out to be read by you as a joke. So, so that there is no misunderstanding, I finally asked you directly.

3. Talking about financial matters

A man who sees you as a potential wife will no longer hesitate to talk about finances. In fact, this is necessary so that later when married, financial problems can be suppressed.

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Examples of discussing finances with you include telling him that he is currently working on a project to earn additional income in preparation for marriage later. Or he could also ask your views on home mortgages, if you choose to rent out until you can buy a house with cash, or choose to take a mortgage.

4. Ask to introduce him to your family

Another sign that he is serious about making you his wife, is that he doesn’t hesitate to ask to introduce him to your family. If he’s still in doubt, there’s no way he’d dare to meet your parents.

Well, if there are signs earlier, don’t be upset anymore, okay? It means that your partner will likely propose to you soon, you know.