September 27, 2022

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4 Reasons You Should Be Friends Before You Have a Romance

When you are in a relationship with someone who used to be a friend. It will be judged unfavorably by others. In fact, having a romantic relationship with a friend will provide a number of convincing reasons. Because in addition to getting to know each other more closely, it can also make a love relationship last. Here are 4 reasons you should be friends first before getting into a romantic relationship.

1. Can Know the Character

When you become friends first before having a romantic relationship with him. Of course, what you do can help you to know the character. Because you already know him better. Starting from habits to how he controls his emotions. Not only that, the romantic relationship you have with him will also be more open. Because they already know each other.

2. Not Awkward

Many people feel awkward when they are just starting a relationship. However, when you are in a romantic relationship with him who was previously your best friend, of course you are not awkward. Because, you are used to doing daily activities with him. Not only that, you also won’t feel ashamed to joke around, because you’ve often spent time together filled with jokes and laughter.

3. Quick Adapt

It doesn’t take you long to adapt. Because, you and he already know each other. However, the thing you have to apply with him is romance. Because, a love relationship will be unhappy if there is no romance in it.

4. Romance Can Last

When you and he have agreed to have a romantic relationship, then the romance has the potential to last long. Especially if you and he have been friends for a long time. Because they both feel comfortable. Not only that, you and he will also feel afraid of losing each other.

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Those are four reasons you should be friends first before getting into a romantic relationship. Therefore, don’t ever hesitate to enter into a romantic relationship. Because, a lot of positive things you will get.