October 6, 2022


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4 Reasons You Must Fight When Your Partner Forbids Friendship

Your partner must have set you up to do something. In fact, in terms of making friends. To deal with things like this, the only thing you can do is fight back. Because in addition to being excessive, this also has the potential to make your relationship with friends experience estrangement. Here are four reasons you must fight when your partner forbids friends.

1. Inhibit Yourself

With your partner forbidding you to be friends, this will definitely hinder your development. That way, you have to fight it. What you are doing is not making yourself look bad. Because, this is all for your good in the future. Not only that, you also have the freedom to spend time, one of which is playing with friends.

2. Important Figure

Friends are very important figures in your life. Because, friends will always be there when you are happy or difficult. Not only that, the relationship with a friend can last forever. However, if the relationship with the partner could end at any time. For that, if your partner forbids making friends, then you must fight. Because, you have the right to live with anyone, including friends.

3. Too Overkill

When couples forbid friends, of course it is too much. Because, what this couple is doing is like curbing. Not only that, you also have to realize that you don’t have to live life only with your partner. For that, you should not be too easily controlled by your partner. Because, you have the right to enjoy time, you don’t have to be with him.

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4. Make Uncomfortable

Of course you will be uncomfortable, if your partner always forbids you to be friends. In fact, in friendship you also never do anything negative. That way, if your partner continues to do this, you must fight. Because, if you continue to obey what your partner says, it will only end your relationship with your friends. So, you will lose all the friends who have ever been present in your life.

Those are four reasons you must fight when your partner forbids friends. For that, if you and your friends do something it’s not negative. So you have to fight.