August 18, 2022

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4 Reasons Why Writing Is So Difficult, Too Mood!

One of the challenges in writing, is consistency. How to be able to produce writing every day. There are times when you meet certain moments where writing seems very difficult.

So, here are the reasons why writing is so hard. Read on for the discussion below, OK!

1. Too submissive mood

Are you a writer who only writes when you’re in the middle? mood? Well, this can be the reason why you often find it hard to write. You’ve already spoiled your feelings.

How to solve it? Try setting a daily writing goal. Start small, but be consistent. For example, write two posts first every day. Train yourself to anything mood you, keep completing two posts per day.

If this is done habits, increase the target again. If this is done continuously, it doesn’t feel like you are able to write many articles every day, you know.

2. Running out of ideas

This is also the reason why writing is so hard. It must be admitted, finding ideas is not easy. Sometimes you get stuck in writing a pre-written theme.

Therefore, when you have free time, don’t spend it on useless things. For example, just sleeping all day at home.

Take advantage of your free time to look for as many ideas as possible, so that later when your time is tight, you have many themes ready for you to write.

3. overthinking

Do you often feel that your writing is not good enough? Or will it be rejected? Well, this is often the cause writer’s block. Therefore, try to get used to thinking positively, and avoid it overthinking.

If it’s time to write, yes, just write. Don’t think about how it will turn out. Just do your best. If it’s later rejected, just fix it. Don’t take it too seriously. Later you will be dizzy.

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4. The habit of procrastination

Procrastinate often? Well, procrastination is also one of the reasons why writing feels so hard. Especially if you have targets that must be met.

At first it felt like I still had plenty of time. Instead of immediately starting to write, it’s even unclear in cyberspace. I don’t feel it, time just passes, and there are still many writings that must be submitted. Dizzy yourself, deh, so.

Hopefully the description above can be a reminder for each of us to always be consistent in writing, OK!