August 8, 2022

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4 Reasons Why Someone Lies, For the sake of Image!

Everyone knows that being honest is good, lying is bad. However, in real life many do not apply and often lie.

Citing page LoveAroundMe, There are several reasons why someone can lie. What are they? To find out what happens next, keep reading the following presentation, yes.

1. For the sake of image

One of the reasons people can lie, and why people can pretend to be nice, is to maintain self-image. A person lies to make those around him think that he is polite, kind, successful in life, and other images that he wants to create.

For example, an employee who was late blamed traffic jams for being late. In fact, the name is jammed is already common. So the real reason he was late was getting up late. However, in order not to be scolded or considered bad, he lies and blames traffic jams.

2. Free from punishment

There is also someone who lies to get rid of punishment. This is often found in children. That’s why parents should avoid punishing their children too harshly or yelling at them when they are wrong.

Such actions can encourage children to lie. In order to escape punishment, children prefer to risk lying rather than being honest but being scolded severely.

3. To get certain benefits

Anyone like to cheat? Everyone seems to already know that cheating is wrong and bad behavior. Even so, in fact many people do it, and it is often considered normal.

Someone cheating can be caused by the desire to get good grades (profits), while it is not accompanied by effort. Instead of studying seriously, actually looking for cheats.

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This action should no longer be done, yes. Small lies if you get used to it can become big lies. Of course we don’t want this country to become a den of liars?

4. Protecting others

There is also lying intended to protect others. For example, an older brother lies to protect his younger brother from getting scolded. Or some parents lie to protect their children.

Like drugs, lying can be addictive, you know. Practicing honesty and stopping lying is not easy, especially when it becomes a habit. But, you certainly can if you have a strong commitment to always be honest.