December 2, 2022

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4 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Writing Than Reading

Reading and writing activities are inseparable. On average, people who like to write, must like to read too. By diligently reading, our knowledge of correct writing systematics will be much better.

However, actually, not everyone who likes to write also likes to read, you know. A real example is Dee Lestari, a genius novelist who made her writing debut at the age of 25, in fact, is not very fond of reading. Dee felt that her ability to write came from her flexibility in speaking and story telling the good one. Dee admits that he is more interested in writing than reading. Even so, various extraordinary works such as the Supernova series, Madre, Aroma Karsa, Paper Boat, and Rectoverso all have their own beauty in each of their wordings.

So, what allows someone to be more fond of writing than reading? Come on, see more!

1. Feel better when writing

One of the reasons why a person prefers to write over reading is because he feels much better when he puts his feelings, emotions, anxieties, or whatever he is thinking into writing. Usually, it is also used as a therapy to cure mental problems. People feel better when they put it into writing because they prefer to keep it to themselves.

2. Feel satisfied and happy if the writing is read by many people

Some people prefer to write because they feel satisfied when the results of their writing are read and responded to by others. Not always professional writers, many of the lay people feel better channeling their writing talents to be read and get other people’s responses. For example, those who choose to be contributors to the author of a platform authorship rather than reading the writings available on platform the same one.

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3. Make writing as a medicine for disappointment

Writing is indeed a therapy to channel pent-up feelings and emotional turmoil. Therefore, usually someone is more fond of writing and spilling his feelings than reading. They make it a medicine for the manifestation of disappointment.

4. Channeling fantasies and fantasies without harming others

Have you ever had a fantasy and often confused where to tell the fantasy? Usually, someone will prefer to write rather than read because they just want to just spill their fantasies and fantasies into a written form in order to minimize the unwanted judgment of others.

There is nothing wrong with just liking to write without being fond of reading. Although the two cannot be separated, there is nothing wrong with continuing to hone your writing skills every day. With a strong interest and determination, your writing will produce something in the future.