December 2, 2022

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4 Reasons Someone Gets Away From a Circle of Friends

Our acquaintance with someone can lead to friendship. As time goes by, not infrequently our friends also grow to form a more exciting and crowded social circle.

However, there are some people who choose to step away from their circle of friends after they try to join and hang out in it. Of course, there are various reasons that a person considers doing this, here are some of them.

1. Gives a bad influence

Interaction between humans makes a person with other people influence each other. There are people who tend to be able to influence, but there are also people who are more easily influenced, both positively and negatively.

The same thing happens in a circle of friends. There are friendships that change us for the better, but there are also those that form bad habits in us that weren’t there before.

For example, someone who previously used to save and be frugal suddenly becomes extravagant since entering a circle of friends that makes him happy to spend a lot of time.

Of course, it will be difficult for him to get rid of these bad habits if he does not stay away from the circle of friends that influence him.

2. Friendship feels insincere

Not all friendships are based on sincerity. Some friendships are formed simply because they want to use other people for their own benefit.

Not infrequently, the people who are involved in the circle of friends are even gossiping behind each other’s backs.

Not only that, jealousy and envy that are more present will also form an unhealthy circle of friends. This is what may make a person uncomfortable and away from his circle of friends.

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3. Feeling unable to balance

Feelings of inferiority can also make someone avoid a circle of friends. He feels unable to keep up with the friends he has been hanging out with, whether in topics of conversation, lifestyle or other things.

Of course, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t like being in the circle of friends, but maybe there is a conflict within him that makes him do this.

4. Mismatch of principles and understanding

It is undeniable, the common principles of life and understanding are one of the supporting factors for a good friendship, even though there are differences of opinion in it.

Someone who stays away from a circle of friends, maybe because he feels his life principles are not in accordance with his friends, so he feels not suitable to be in it.

Those are four reasons someone stays away from a circle of friends. I hope you find good friends and join in a supportive circle of friends, okay!