October 1, 2022


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4 Reasons Falling In Love Can Be Painful, There Are Unsuitable Expectations!

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling. The days are different when you fall in love. Much more beautiful and happy!

However, the reality is that even falling in love can be painful. How come? The following will explain further why falling in love can be painful. Let’s see together, shall we!

1. There are expectations that do not match reality

It’s natural when falling in love raises certain expectations or expectations. And usually when people fall in love, the image is always a beautiful one. Couples will continue to be romantic, picked up every day, or given various other forms of attention.

Sometimes these expectations do not match reality. And this is what causes pain due to expectations not meeting reality.

Don’t be sad, let alone rush to ask for a break up. Remember, you know, falling in love is a process. Try to compromise on your expectations and learn to accept your partner for who they are. As long as his personality is still good and having a non-toxic relationship with him, maybe it’s time you lower your expectations a little so you won’t be disappointed again.

2. He doesn’t love you to the same degree

The pain of falling in love can also be caused by the unequal level of love between you and your partner. You really really love him, but he’s halfway.

Well, if this is the case, you should re-evaluate whether your love relationship is worth continuing. You will be mentally tired, you know, facing an unequal relationship like that.

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3. Treat arguments like competition

Another thing that makes love hurt is that you treat an argument like a competition. When you really want something in a relationship, you try to win the debate. Quarrels like this then cause pain, because you unconsciously hurt the person you love.

This is where the importance of compromise in a love relationship. That way every time there is an argument, you can treat it like a normal thing, without any tendency to win the argument.

4. Lost

This, really, do not ask again. There is a meeting, there is also a risk of separation. Even though he is aware of this bitter reality, it still hurts when it happens.

Losing someone you love is very painful. But sometimes you have to take the risk. Otherwise, you will continue to live alone because you are too afraid to take the risk.

From the description above, I now realize, yes, what things make falling in love hurt. But, a lot of beauty too, really!