September 27, 2022

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4 Qualities of a Good Friendship, Do You Have One?

The presence of friends is very important, you know, in human life. There are times when the role of friends is far more vital than your own family because they are more supportive of you in times of trouble.

Unfortunately, not all friendships are good. There are even friendships that can be a source of stress or problems in life.

If some of these qualities of friendship exist in your circle of friendship, you must be grateful and nurtured, yes. Because a series of qualities that will be explained below are signs that you have good friends. Let’s check it out!

1. Help each other

The first characteristic of a good friendship, is not only close to you in good times, but also in bad times. When you’re down, there are those who always comfort and strengthen you.

In fact, not infrequently, they help you get out of the problems you are facing. That means, their feelings are really sincere, you know.

2. Encourage you to be better

A true friend is not the one who invites you to break the rules to be called slang or loyal friends. Good friends are those who try to keep you away from bad behavior by encouraging you to be useful while living in this world.

You should be grateful if the friends you have now are able to inspire you to start various good habits. That means, they bring a positive influence.

3. Encourage each other to achieve dreams

Not a true friend when trying to prevent you from reaching your dreams. For example, by doubting that your dream will not be achieved.

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Keep your friendship if the closest circle you have now always encourages and supports whatever goals you want to achieve. When they tell you what your dream is, they don’t laugh at you, they even convince you that you can. Wow, that’s a rare quality of friends, you know!

4. Remind you to worship

If you have a friend who likes to remind you not to forget worship, don’t even accuse him of being holy. Instead, you should embrace him more tightly, because he is a friend to be grateful for. He tries to keep you close to God.

So, those are some of the qualities of a good friendship. How, do your close friends already have these qualities? If so, keep it up!