September 27, 2022

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4 Problems in the Household That You Shouldn’t Keep Alone

Some things in the household must be kept as a form of appreciating a partner. One of them is a problem in the household. However, we must also be able to distinguish situations in which we must defend ourselves and take care of ourselves. It’s no longer because they don’t appreciate it, but because what has happened is beyond the limits of the existing agreement. So, what are the circumstances that require us not to address household problems alone?

1. Spouse commits physical violence

When a partner dares to do physical violence, whatever it is, never keep it alone. Moreover, if this has been done repeatedly, and is getting worse.

When you find physical violence from your partner, immediately tell your family or those who can help you survive. You have to save yourself and don’t think this is a natural thing. Out there, many people have died due to domestic violence.

Don’t be embarrassed to tell someone in authority about it. Because that’s the only way you get protection.

2. Doing verbal violence

Verbal abuse is violence in the form of words or body language that unconsciously makes a partner feel humiliated. When you find verbal violence from your partner, for example, you are constantly yelled at, humiliated, enslaved, humiliated, then you don’t just stick with the residence.

You must have the courage to end the verbal abuse that exists in your household. If you feel unable, then don’t hesitate to talk to other people or someone who is more skilled to help you from the trap of verbal abuse that continues to make you feel hurt and tortured.

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3. Likes to have an affair

When your partner becomes a person who likes to cheat, then don’t keep it alone. You must be an active person to find out, seek evidence, and uphold your rights as a legal partner.

If you want, infidelity can now be enforced legally. Therefore, you must have strong evidence and don’t always want to be a partner who can be trampled on by his self-esteem.

Infidelity in the household is not something that can be said as a natural thing. Especially if this has been done repeatedly. Then you can’t be the one to be fooled.

4. Not honest about money

Money is a sensitive thing. Especially in the household, there must always be openness regarding finances. Whether it’s when you’re on the side of making money, or managing money, it’s the same.

When your partner becomes a person who is not open about money, whether it’s how much he makes, or where he distributes money, then you should find out about it well.

You can start by checking mutations, checking payslips, checking monthly expenses, and so on. If you can’t do it alone, then you can ask for help from other people who have a better understanding of finance and law.

Those are the 4 problems in the household that should not be kept alone. May be useful.