December 1, 2022

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4 Parental Gaslighting Behaviors That Are Often Ignored, You Should Avoid!

Most people will think gaslighting is only done by friends or partners in a relationship. But apparently, gaslighting is also often done by parents. Even sometimes parents unknowingly do it. This can happen because parents follow the way their parents treated them when they were young, or play games with their children for profit.

Quoted from the page Power of Positivity (17/9/2022), here are 4 parental gaslighting behaviors that are often ignored and should be avoided.

1. Parents who lie show gaslighting behavior

In general, children will follow or listen to what parents do or say, even when parents lie without the child knowing. This can affect children’s lives when they are adults. When they are adults, when children are told the truth, they will doubt the truth of what other people say. When children start to find out, then find out their parents are lying, then they will always have suspicions of others and always think that other people are not honest.

2. Parental behavior involving ridicule

Parents always teach not to mock or make fun of other people. However, without realizing it, parents sometimes mock their own children. For example, when a child accidentally falls because he trips over his toy, parents imitate the sound of a child’s cry, saying they are too spoiled and whiny or other things that are insults. Most parents will think that this method can make their child stop crying, but it turns out that this will actually affect the child’s emotions and when they grow up they will grow into a shy person.

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3. Pinning the blame on the child

Parents usually blame the child for their own benefit or to avoid a problem. For example, when a father loses money in his wallet, a mother then tells the father maybe the child took the money. This shifting of blame is an example of gaslighting when someone blames someone else for their actions. It would be better if parents face the problem and tell the truth.

4. Apologies don’t exist in Parental Gaslighting

Some parents refuse to apologize to their children, even when they make mistakes. Apologizing to others means giving up and admitting mistakes and gaslighting parents will refuse to do that for the sake of their self-respect. Indeed, no parent is perfect, but there is nothing wrong with apologizing to their children for mistakes that might hurt the child physically or even emotionally.

These are 4 parental gaslighting behaviors that need to be known and should be avoided for the sake of children’s physical and mental health.