July 2, 2022


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4 Parental Attitudes That Make Children Feel Uncomfortable

Nobody is perfect. Both parents and children. Even though his parents have lived for decades, it doesn’t make him a flawless human being. Of course, there are some things in parents that make them wrong in the eyes of children.

Although maybe everything parents do is for the good of the child, children who have not thought that far will only feel burdened. Therefore, parents should avoid the attitude below because it can make children feel uncomfortable with their own parents.

1. Parents who just want to be heard

Parents who just want to be heard will gradually make children feel uncomfortable. Children seem to be human beings who can only be silent and listen to the words of their parents.

Although the obligation of children to obey and respect their parents, it does not mean that children do not have the right to be heard.

In some cases, listen to the child and give them time to explain. When they are wrong, they disagree, they get angry, they run away from home, don’t rush to judge this and that punishment.

Listen to why the child does it. Because often times, children do all that is because of us, the parents.

2. Parents who chuckle by his own choice

Children who are taught to choose from an early age will grow up to be responsible and confident children. He will be responsible for what he chooses, and he will dare to show what he wants.

The choice of parents is certainly for the good. But, what if it makes the child feel uncomfortable? Everything that children will do, use, do, face, live, parents must learn to trust children to choose for themselves. While still in a good realm, as parents we must support it.

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Parents who continue to choose everything about their children, and make children feel that he lives only to do what his parents command and choose, will not make children feel happy. Lots of empty space that makes children feel that their life is colorless.

3. Rude parents

A parent’s rude attitude will only be the best destroyer for his relationship with the child. Who likes being yelled at, beaten, or tortured like that? Nobody wants to. Imagine ourselves, certainly do not want, right? Therefore, we must also avoid this attitude with our own children.

Parents have the right to be firm, but firm is not the same as being angry or violent towards children. Especially now, there are laws that regulate violence against children. Parents should not arbitrarily play their hands on an ignorant child.

4. Parents who spoil him too much

Every child wants to be pampered by his parents. However, being too pampered by parents can also make children feel uncomfortable. For example, parents who continue to follow the child wherever the child goes. In fact, children also need time to be with their friends and socialize.

Sometimes, parents who spoil their children too much will make their children feel embarrassed in front of their friends. Even though children have tried to be independent, parents cannot let their children mingle with other people.

Maybe it’s because of the great love of parents. However, too much of it also has a bad impact on children.

Those are the 4 attitudes of parents that make children feel uncomfortable. We must try to stay away from this attitude so that children still feel comfortable and close to their parents.

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