August 18, 2022

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4 Painful Behaviors Men Shouldn’t Do to Couples

It must be admitted, no single man is perfect, so it’s no wonder your partner often acts annoying or does things that make you uncomfortable. Even so, there are still limits to being able to judge whether the man who is currently your partner is indeed worth keeping or not.

If your partner has gone to the extent of doing things that are very painful and out of bounds, then it could be a sign that he doesn’t really love you. Citing page InspiringTips, The following will review some painful things that should not be done by a man who claims to love you. Let’s see further discussion below.

1. Cheating

Among the heaviest ‘sins’ in a romantic relationship, is infidelity. When having an affair, the wall of trust that has been painstakingly built collapses instantly. Even if your partner admits his mistake and apologizes, and you give him a second chance, the relationship can’t guarantee it will be like it used to be.

Whatever reason he gave why cheating could not be used as a justification. If he really loves you, and your relationship is in trouble, you should talk about it, not make things worse by having an affair.

2. Lying repeatedly

Lying just once is bad. Especially if it’s done repeatedly. If the man you love really loves you, he will surely understand that maintaining trust is not easy.

Therefore, a good man will try to always be honest with his partner. If you have lied many times, it is a sign that you have gone too far and should not be worthy of tolerance.

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3. Ignoring your feelings

A good partner should not only act as a partner, but also be able to be a friend as well as someone you trust to talk to. This will only happen if there is comfort given his attitude of always listening and paying attention.

Therefore, if the behavior of the man who is your partner is the opposite, which is often ignoring your feelings as if they are not important, it means he has a problem. His love could be only on the surface.

4. Humiliating

Everyone has self-respect, and will be offended or hurt if that self-esteem is torn apart. Especially by the couple themselves.

One of the things that hurt self-esteem is humiliation. This is actually an act that should not be done by a man who claims to love you.

If there was a painful behavior that was carried out by a partner, then don’t be silent. Dare to talk, and see if he changes. Otherwise, he doesn’t deserve your love!