October 6, 2022


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4 Neighbor Activities That Can Annoy You

Humans are social creatures. Referring to that statement, of course you understand, humans cannot live alone, they must mingle with other humans, so that then the formation of what is called society.

In society, there are various kinds of human nature. Various activities that exist in the community often make you happy, not infrequently also disturb the peace. An example of an activity that makes you happy is when a neighbor helps your troubles.

An example of an activity that disturbs the peace is when a neighbor does things that are harmful, such as burning trash.

Well, the article tries to give a little insight, something neighbors do that can disturb comfort. Anything? Here’s the explanation:

1. Turn the Motor Loud

The first is to hide the motorcycle out loud. This is of course very annoying. You must be reluctant if you will rebuke him. However, if they are not reprimanded, they are immediately disturbed.

Especially if the motorcycle is rung for a long time. Maybe if you rebuke, the neighbor will argue that he is setting up his motorbike.

Well, you can suggest, you should find a rather quiet place to set up a motorbike. For example on the edge of the field or rice fields.

2. Burning Garbage

Next up is burning trash. This one behavior can certainly make you angry. Smoke from burning garbage enters the house, you are forced to inhale it. More annoyed, when what is burned is plastic. Burnt plastic is very dangerous for breathing.

Not to mention if you burn it every day. You should immediately have a good talk with neighbors who have this one habit. Tell him that burning smoke is not good for the lungs.

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3.Doing something with a loud machine

Doing something with a loud engine is something that can disturb the peace further. What is an example? For example, your neighbor cuts ceramics and wood with a cutting machine.

It will annoy you if it happens suddenly, when it never happened before. However, if it’s already your neighbor’s job, you might not be too bothered.

4. Tune Music with Loud Sound Speaker

Another activity that can disturb your peace is a neighbor who plays music with loud speakers. Of course this is very annoying, especially if you don’t like the song. Not to mention if you have children. You should immediately rebuke him well, not to offend.

Those are 4 neighbor activities that can annoy you. How? Are you one of the people affected by the above?