August 14, 2022

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4 Negative Traits of Capricorn, One of them is Workaholic!

Zodiac can also affect a person’s character. Those born in certain months have different characters from other months. Like their character who was born between December 22 and January 19 and is a Capricorn. There are positive and negative traits of the zodiac with the symbol of the horned goat.

Launching from several sources, here are 4 negative traits of a Capricorn.

1. Too perfectionist

The first negative trait of the Capricorn zodiac sign is too much of a perfectionist. Maybe, there are times, being a perfectionist is a good thing and profitable. Because, we become more careful in doing every job. However, if you are too perfectionist, then the people around you will also feel uncomfortable.

The same is true for those in Capricorn’s circle. Capricorns are too eager to look perfect in everything, therefore they will try to make the designs they have made do not fail.

Unfortunately, they not only demand perfection of themselves, but also want it from others. Like for example in matters of work. This perfectionist attitude often triggers problems between them and their co-workers.

2. Crazy work

A Capricorn’s top priority in their life is a career. They are the type of people who are so hardworking. The spirit of this one deserves a thumbs up, unfortunately if this is too much, it will have a negative connotation.

Because of his enthusiasm, a Capricorn can be said to be too workaholic. As a result, they will ignore all the things in their life, even their partner. In fact, not only that, this workaholic nature tends to make them forget about their health.

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3. Stubborn

The next negative trait of a Capricorn is stubbornness. This zodiac sign is very difficult to change their decision. This is because, they believe that their thinking is the best so they are reluctant to listen to other opinions on that thought. They also tend to like to do what they want without even hearing other people’s opinions.

4. Critical

As explained in the third point, Capricorns don’t like to listen to other people’s criticism of themselves, but instead they like to criticize others in order to meet their standards and be what they want them to be. This is what sometimes makes Capricorn’s partner feel uncomfortable.

Those are the 4 negative traits possessed by Capricorn. Do you feel it?