August 8, 2022

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4 Myths Often Associated with Introverts You Should Dismiss

An introvert in the view of other people is considered as much different from the reality. Other people often assume the truth is not entirely there for introverts. Below are 4 myths that introverts often address and you should reject them.

1. Very quiet

The first myth is about introverts who are thought to be very quiet. Introverts are indeed more silent than talking when in a new environment and meeting people who do not fully know.

But they will also become crowded if they find people who are on the same frequency as them. They may be quiet, but not always. Their lively soul will emerge in a place where they are comfortable and free to express themselves.

2. Not happy

This is a myth that is broadly wrong. Not everyone who seems always aloof and is considered quiet indicates that they are not happy. Introverts are happy even though their face looks flat.

They enjoy their happiness in their own way and that shows a sense of happiness in front of others. Happiness also doesn’t have to laugh out loud and jump up and down.

3. Anti-social

Anti-social or social assistance is indeed a bad attitude. But it’s also not entirely there for all introverts. Many of them actually like to socialize. But there are also some of them who prefer to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t socialize. They choose the right place and also don’t look too flashy.

4. Lonely

Feelings of loneliness can also be felt by everyone, not just introverts. However, if you think that an introvert is lonely because he is always alone, that’s not quite right. They prefer to be alone than to be with people who they think are not as frequent. Their lives are full of books, music, and they also have friends, but not many.

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Don’t assume that introverts are weaker than other personalities. Don’t underestimate them. It could be that their thoughts and insights are much broader. Respect each other’s personality. We both have our strengths and weaknesses, so respect everyone, okay?