August 14, 2022

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4 Mistakes When Falling In Love, Take A Note!

Falling in love is a million times. Love can be one of the happiest things, but it is also possible to boomerang on yourself in life.

As much as possible, we must be able to make the love that grows in our chests become something that is useful for us. Don’t let love be the destroyer of everything.

To keep the love on track, we need to look at some of the mistakes people make when falling in love. All of that just to be a reminder for ourselves, yes!

1. Bucin

The first mistake when falling in love is to become a slave to love or better known as bucin. Though it would be better if we can manage love and master it. Do not let us be carried away and controlled by love.

Many people are slaves to love and it is very self-defeating. Many things eventually go unnoticed. This life is all about love.

2. Giving everything

When we fall in love, it is very possible for us to feel excessive fear of losing our partner. We will do everything possible to keep him happy to be by our side. One of the stupid things to do is to give everything.

Don’t want to be used by others. Even if you think of him as a good partner or from a good family, it can’t guarantee anything that will happen to your life. You must have strong principles in maintaining and protecting yourself.

3. Willing to sacrifice anything

Fighting for love is normal. But remember, don’t be stupid. When you feel that you are just being used, then immediately end the relationship. Especially if you feel tortured, don’t want to keep holding on.

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Many people say that in reality it is more pleasant to be loved than to love. However, whatever it is, you must understand that in a romantic relationship, both you and your partner must make each other happy.

It’s not love if you feel tortured. It’s not love either if you keep sacrificing feelings in the relationship. You have to be more assertive in setting boundaries within yourself that other people must respect.

4. Ignore advice

Even though you really love him, but you still have to listen to the advice of others. Especially parents and family. Maybe you will think that your parents are too interfering, but the truth is that parents’ hunches can’t be seconded. When they give their opinion, it never hurts to listen.

Many people ignore advice and end up regretting it along the way. If you want to resign, you can’t. Want to continue to hit him, already feel powerless.

So that’s the 4 mistakes in falling in love. Hopefully we can avoid it and build a much healthier, kinder and wiser relationship.