December 6, 2022

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4 Korean Dramas On Going on Disney+ Hotstar, Have You Tried Watching It?

Platform competition stream Korean drama content is getting tougher. On the domestic scene, South Korea has various applications that are currently competing to produce and broadcast drama series such as TVing, Wavve, Coupang Play, and Seezn. It’s not enough to stop there, many international platforms are also starting to make and take broadcasting rights for Korean dramas. With this, viewers outside of Korea can now easily access and watch drakor (Korean dramas). Even now viewers can choose subtitles without waiting a long time.

Disney+ Hotstar is one of the platforms stream which is currently broadcasting or producing K-drama content. There are 4 Korean dramas On Going in the application, here is the list:

1. Link: Eat, Love, Kill

Link drama poster: Eat, Love, Kill (Instagram/@disneypluskr)

“Link: Eat, Love, Kill” is the latest Korean drama aired by Disney+ Hotstar. The drama, starring Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young as the main characters, tells the story of Eun Gyeo Hoon, a chef who can feel the emotions of a girl named Noh Da Hyun. Contrary to the posters and tone quite bright and bright, this fantasy drama also raises the issue of mystery and crime packed with comedy. This 16-episode drama premiered on June 6, 2022 and new episodes are uploaded every week on Monday and Tuesday nights on Disney+.

2. Kiss Sixth Sense

Kiss Sixth Sense drama poster (Instagram/@disneypluskr)
Kiss Sixth Sense drama poster (Instagram/@disneypluskr)

Having produced several dramas such as “#1 soundtrack“,”Rookie Cops“, and “Grid“, now Disney+ Korea is back with a new original drama that attracts senior artists as the main actors. There is Yoon Kye Sang as Chan Min Hu, Seo Ji Hye who plays Hong Ye Sool, and Kim Ji Suk with his character named Lee Pil Yo. This drama is an adaptation of a webtoon that tells the story of Ye Sool’s ability to see the future through kisses. The latest two episodes “Kiss Sixth Sense” in-updates every Wednesday and has started broadcasting since May 25 with a total of 12 episodes.

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Bloody Heart drama poster (Instagram/@kbsdrama)
Bloody Heart drama poster (Instagram/@kbsdrama)

For fans of Sageuk dramas or dramas set in the era of the royal dynasty, Disney+ is currently broadcasting a drama that is not to be missed. This drama tells of Lee Tae, played by Lee Joon when he becomes a king who ascends the throne after King Seonjong. Jang Hyuk, who plays Park Gye Won, is a deputy prime minister who has power even stronger than the king.

Meanwhile, the character played by Kang Han Na is named Shin Eun Soo, a free-spirited woman who Lee Tae chooses as the crown princess and is automatically entangled in a war of power. If you want to follow the conflict and feel the tension within “Bloody Heart“, viewers can watch every Monday and Tuesday. This drama has 16 episodes and only 4 episodes left.

Doctor Lawyer drama trailer (Instagram/@mbcdrama_now)
Doctor Lawyer drama trailer (Instagram/@mbcdrama_now)

Combining medical and legal themes, the drama, starring So Ji Sub, tells the life journey of Han Yi Han, a former cardiothoracic surgeon who later decides to become a lawyer due to an incident and accusation. Lim Soo Hyang and Shin Sung Rok also play a role in this drama. “Doctor Lawyer” will unravel the mystery of the death of a patient at an elite hospital through legal and medical channels. This drama will only enter its second week of broadcast and will end in episode 16.

Those are 4 Korean dramas on going on Disney+ right now. Have you tasted any, or are just planning to watch?