December 2, 2022

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4 Korean Drama Agency Actors, There’s Lee Bo Young to Son Na Eun

JTBC drama ‘Agency’ (working title) has officially announced the cast who will be joining Lee Bo Young.

‘Agency’ is an office drama about a woman who answers the first female executive in an advertising company. She is a career woman who pursues the highest peak. The drama will be set in an advertising company and depict a realistic behind-the-scenes story of the industry and their daily lives competing with each other for the pinnacle of success.

1. Lee Bo Young as Go Ah In

Korean drama actor ‘Agency’. (hancinema)

It was previously reported that Lee Bo Young will be playing the creative director Go Ah In who leads Production Team 2 of VC Planning, a leading advertising agency. He is a professional person. Serving as a copywriter, this woman was extraordinary, she was the only person to receive full marks on the entrance examination. Go Ah In is an idealistic person and always brings surprises to everyone who aims for his position to be the highest. The only thing in his dictionary is success and money.

2. Jo Sung Ha as Choi Chang Soo

Korean drama actor 'Agency'.  (hancinema/asiatoday)
Korean drama actor ‘Agency’. (hancinema/asiatoday)

Jo Sung Ha plays the Planning Director of VC Planning, Choi Chang Soo. He is a graduate majoring in economics at Hankuk University. The man entered the company through open recruitment. His life is very smooth, because whatever he does will succeed and almost never fail.

Choi Chang Soo has a cold personality and is greedy for high status. However, his only weakness was that he couldn’t control Go Ah In the way he wanted.

3. Son Na Eun as Kang Han Na

Korean drama actor 'Agency'.  (hancinema)
Korean drama actor ‘Agency’. (hancinema)

Son Na Eun plays VC Group’s third generation chaebol, Kang Han Na. He is an active social media star and influencer.

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Even though she seems immature by living a glittering life, Kang Han Na is actually hiding her kind brain while waiting for the opportunity to emerge. The opportunity came when he was appointed as VC Planning’s Director of Social Media.

4. Han Joon Woo as Park Young Woo

Korean drama actor 'Agency'.  (hancinema)
Korean drama actor ‘Agency’. (hancinema)

Han Joon Woo plays Park Young Woo who helps Kang Han Na by his side. Park Young Woo works as a secretary for VC Group, and she is Han Na’s patron while studying abroad for her MBA (Master of Business Administration) as her personal tutor and bodyguard.

Park Young Woo acts as his loyal right-hand man, providing solutions whenever Kang Han Na faces a crisis, even by physical means.

quote soompi, the production staff has done the perfect casting for each character. The drama also promises to show the lives of advertisers who are persistently pursuing their own path to achieve the goal of success in the advertising world.

The Korean drama ‘Agency’ will premiere in the first half of 2023. Interested in watching?