July 2, 2022


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4 Kinds of Painting Paints that Beginners Need to Know, There are Acrylic to Water

Being a tool for self-expression, art has many fans, one of the most popular art forms is painting. Painting, although fun, requires carefulness in many ways, especially in choosing what tools are good and according to your needs. The most important tool, of course, is paint. Make no mistake, even though they look similar, painting paints have different content and finishing results, you know! Avoid common beginner mistakes by learning more about paint, here are four of them.

1. Acrylic Paint

Not only superior in providing bright color variants, acrylic paints are also popular because they can be applied to a variety of media, such as canvas, wood, iron, glass, and plastic without the need for special additives. The finish of acrylic paint in general is glossy. The fast drying process is another advantage of acrylic that many beginners seek. One light stroke of acrylic paint only takes about 10 minutes to dry, thicker acrylics applied will take longer but no more than 1 hour.

Acrylic paint uses water-based ingredients, therefore you don’t have to worry about paint stains, only with soap and water, the stained cloth and your brushes can be cleaned again. The scent that doesn’t sting is also a plus for acrylic paint. The unit price of acrylic paints starts from Rp. 10 thousand, depending on the quality of the paint offered.

2. Oil Paint

Oil paint has long been a mainstay of artists. Color consistency that does not change from when it is still wet to dry is one of the advantages of oil paints. Oil paints can also be mixed with other additives and oils if you want to experiment with your paint texture and finish. The oil content in the paint makes the drying process take longer than other paints, so mistakes that occur when painting can be more easily corrected without the paint drying first or you can continue your painting without rushing. The soft texture of oil paint can make it easier and make color gradations smoother. Oil paint prices range from Rp. 20 thousand, depending on the quality of the paint.

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3. Paint Gouache

This one paint is not as popular as the other paints. Gouache paint is often misunderstood as watercolor, although they are similar in that they have quite a prominent difference. Although the same as watercolors that use water to thin the paint, the results that gouache paints give are more similar to acrylic paints. Gouache has a higher pigment than watercolor but not as high as acrylic paint.

If you are looking for paint between acrylic and watercolor, then gouache paint is the best choice. The process of cleaning the brush is also not difficult, just with water and soap. The mainstay of Gouache paint is that once the painting is dry, you can ‘revive’ it with water and continue your work. The unit price range of gouache paint starts from Rp. 20 thousand depending on the quality.

4. Watercolor

Water-based, watercolors are generally only applied to special paper. Unlike the paints above, watercolor does not have a high color consistency, the more water you mix, the more faded the resulting color will be.

The thing that stands out from watercolor is that you don’t have to wash your brush immediately, worrying that if it dries your brush will be stiff, with watercolor you only need to dip your brush in water and the color will fade.

Watercolors are easier and simpler to use than other paints, and they dry much faster even than acrylic paints. In addition, watercolor also does not have a sharp smell. The watercolor finish is matte. The unit price for watercolors starts from Rp. 10 thousand.

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Those are four kinds of painting paints that a beginner needs to know. Whatever paint and medium you use to get started, the most important thing is not to be afraid to try and experiment with your work, this can help and make it easier for you to find what style and paint is right for you.