December 6, 2022

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4 Interesting Things from Indonesia vs Jordan Asian Cup Qualification Match

In the second match of the Indonesian national team against Jordan in the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification Group A, Garuda Muda had to end the match with a 1:0 defeat. Made by Shin Tae-yong it had to gain an empty point at the Jaber Al Ahmad stadium, Kuwait on Sunday 12 June 2022.

Indeed, Indonesia appeared with a pretty slick game even against a team that far surpassed Arhan and colleagues. Against a team that ranks far from Indonesia, Klok’s pressing and attacks made it difficult for the Jordanian troops.

In the first half, Jordan’s onslaught did not yield any results. Unfortunately, Yazan Al Naimat’s single goal in the early minutes of the second half, made Indonesia unable to equalize. Indonesia lose. This defeat leaves Indonesia in third place and Jordan leads the standings.

Even so, there are 4 very interesting things from the match between Indonesia and Jordan.

1. Important Rescue

None other than this important and brilliant save was due to the performance of Nadeo, the Indonesian goalkeeper. Several successful saves Nadeo gave. More than that, Nadeo was also able to thwart Jordan’s penalty kick well. If Nadeo was not the goalkeeper for Garuda Muda, Indonesia could have conceded more than one goal.

2. Able to get out of pressure

It is common knowledge that Indonesia continues to be attacked and rocked. Jordan has always presented a very dangerous threat. Jordan’s attacks are unrelenting. However, Indonesia’s midfield and rear were able to guard it well and with discipline. Mainly the midfield guarded by Klok, Irianto and Arhan. In the midst of the pressure Jordan gave, Indonesia also often made Jordan suffer a heart attack. The proof, in the first half, Indonesia appeared quite solid and held the team from the Middle East to a draw.

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In addition, Arhan Primary’s throw-ins repeatedly troubled Jordan’s back line. The Jordanian goalkeeper was also kept busy guarding Arhan’s magic throw.

3. Unusual quality of players

Indonesian players did appear solid. But not all. Mainly Asnawi and Irfan Jaya were included in the second round. Both of these players seem to be playing under their performance. Not like usual. This time it looks mimble.

4. Hope Qualifies for the Asian Cup

It’s okay not to, in the last match against Nepal, Indonesia had to win the match. And as much as possible, winning big is opening up Indonesia’s hopes to qualify for the upcoming 2023 Asian Cup.