December 6, 2022

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4 Interesting Facts about Rhode Skin, Hailey Biber’s skincare brand

Hailey Biber just launched skincare brands hers, Rhode Skin. The wife of singer Justin Bieber was officially released on Wednesday, June 15. just released, brand The facial skin care product has already used up several products because of the enthusiasm of skincare lovers. Here are four interesting facts about skincare brands Hailey Bieber, Rhode Skin.

1. Three Kinds of Skincare are Available

Rhode Skin skincare brand Hailey Bieber (instagram/rhode)

Hailey launched three types of facial care products, namely Barrier Restore Cream (moisturizer), Peptide Glazing Fluid (serum), and Peptide Lip Treatment (lip balm).

Interestingly, these three products have a price of under 30 dollars (445,848 rupiah). Meanwhile, Hailey also provides a skincare package containing five products in The Rhode Kit which is priced at 95 dollars (1,409,420 rupiah). For celebrity brands and judging by the content, the price includes affordable, you know!

2. Earth Friendly Packaging

Rhode Skin skincare brand Hailey Bieber (instagram/rhode)
Rhode Skin skincare brand Hailey Bieber (instagram/rhode)

The rise of skincare brands that are called capable of destroying the earth, this one brand is just the opposite.

Hailey not only pays attention to the content and benefits of her skincare, but she also considers her products from the inside out.

Rhode skin has packaging from environmentally friendly recycled materials. The packaging is made with post-consumer (PCR) materials that can be recycled.

3. Guarantees Healthy and supple facial skin

Rhode Skin skincare brand Hailey Bieber (instagram/rhode)
Rhode Skin skincare brand Hailey Bieber (instagram/rhode)

Hailey really gives the best for the ingredients in her skincare brand.

This best friend of Kendall Jenner also ensures that her product cruelty free, vegan ingredients, gluten freeas well as dermatologist tested and developed.

You also don’t need to worry if you have super sensitive facial skin, because Barrier Restore and Peptide Glazing Fluid too fragrance free.

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Rhode Skin is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This series of skincare also ensures that your skin becomes more moist, supple, and healthy.

4. Rhode Futures Foundation

Rhode Skin skincare brand Hailey Bieber (instagram/rhode)
Rhode Skin skincare brand Hailey Bieber (instagram/rhode)

One more thing that is extraordinary from Hailey Bieber’s brand, Rhode Skin.

With every purchase of Rhode Skin, the brand will donate a minimum of 1% of sales to support women (including non-binary, transgender, and all people who identify as female) and their families through a foundation called the Rhode Futures Foundation.

The Rhode Futures Foundation invests in and supports 1000 women and their families, partnering with three organizations namely Accion Opportunity Fund, Black Mamas Matter Alliance, and LIFT Family Goal Fund.

Those are four interesting facts about Hailey Bieber’s skincare brand, Rhode Skin. The unfortunate thing is that this product is currently available and shipped in the United States only. But there’s no need to worry, because Hailey is currently in the process of expanding the distribution of her skincare products internationally.