December 1, 2022

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4 Important Spoilers That Appear in One Piece Manga Chapter 1061

One Piece Manga Chapter 1061 will be released in the next few days, but on various forums rumors about spoilers for Manga One Piece Chapter 1061 have started circulating. Quote from Redon and Worstgen Forums, here are some spoilers that might appear in the story in the Manga One Piece Chapter 1061.

1. Egghead

As we already know that after the Wano Arc the alliances began to separate and start their own adventure journey. While at the port the captains such as Kidd, Law, and Luffy rapped each other to determine which island they would visit next.

And it was informed that the island that the Straw Hat Pirates will go to next is Egghead Island. Therefore, from the leaked information circulating Manga One Piece Chapter 1061, it will most likely be given the title “Egghead Island of the Future”.

2. Sword

After setting foot on Egghead Island, it was reported that several members of Sword had been on this island. Sword itself became like a secret organization within the Navy itself. Therefore, it is very likely that in Manga One Piece Chapter 1061 this time we will get additional information about who the real members of this Sword are. Previously, we only knew Koby and X Drake as people who were part of Sword.

3. Seraphim

In Manga One Piece Chapter 1060, we were informed about the SSG Seraphim and the kidnapping of Koby by Yonkou Blackbeard. With Koby kidnapped, Helmeppo plans to borrow Seraphim from Dr. Vegapunk who is said to be on the island of Egghead.

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In chapter 1060 we have shown the shape of 2 Seraphim models, namely the Seraphim in the form of a small child who looks like Mihawk and Boa Hancock. Then whether on Egghead Island there are other models of Seraphim, we’ll just have to wait for the next story.

4. Vegapunk

The most interesting information from One Piece Manga Chapter 1061 is related to the appearance of Dr. Vegapunk, after we were repeatedly shown the silhouette and information that Dr. This Vegapunk is a male and is of old age. However, in Manga One Piece Chapter 1061 there is information that tells that there will be a young woman who claims that she is Dr. Vegapunk.

So, those were some spoilers that have popped up on various forums, we must remember that this information is only a spoiler. As for the Manga One Piece Chapter 1061, it will be officially released in the next few days.