August 14, 2022

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4 Important Reasons You Should Learn a Foreign Language From Now on

Learning a foreign language is not an easy thing to learn in a short time and in a hurry, where we have to adapt to a new foreign language and thousands of vocabularies that must be memorized and repeated many times.

However, that does not mean that foreign languages ​​cannot be learned and understood. In today’s increasingly modern world, learning a foreign language is no longer impossible to learn.

We can do various ways to learn a foreign language, thousands of places for foreign language courses are scattered in various cities and even villages, as well as today’s technological sophistication that we must make good use of.

Besides that, there are several important reasons that require us to learn a foreign language.

1. Foreign Languages ​​are Important to Learn

Because mastering only one foreign language will open up many opportunities and opportunities. The factor that makes a foreign language important is also because it will have a lot of good influence in our lives.

In addition, the information and knowledge that we get will be more when we master a foreign language than when we do not master a foreign language in our lives.

2. Increase Knowledge

Never think enough with the knowledge we already have, so that it makes us feel that we don’t need any other knowledge besides the knowledge around us at this time.

Why did it happen? Because if we are satisfied with some of the knowledge we have today, it will make us losers in this world.

Behind a foreign language there are thousands and even millions of knowledge behind a foreign language.

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3. Saving Lives

By mastering one foreign language, at least English, which must and must be learned, will save our lives. Of course we are confused and wonder why just mastering one foreign language can save our lives!

The reason is very clear, because we are not alone in this world and we need to communicate with other people. Just imagine if one day we have the opportunity to go to another country because we get unexpected luck, maybe we are still safe even though we don’t speak the language in that country.

However, our lives will be in danger if we are separated from our friends or relatives who accompany us on our journey in the land.

4. Foreign Languages ​​are Easy to Access and Learn through Social Media

Social media may already be familiar to us. With social media, we can access various things such as the latest news today, and many more things that can be accessed through social media easily.

Foreign languages ​​are no exception, because with social media we can also learn foreign languages ​​on YouTube or Google. We should use our social media to learn new things!

Those are important reasons that require us to learn a foreign language. At least we have the courage to try and use the existing media for useful things, one of which is to start learning foreign languages ​​from now on.