August 8, 2022

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4 Important Elements That Must Be in the Novel’s Premise

If you are a novelist, then the word premise is certainly familiar to you. Usually, when you follow a events writing which at the initial stage of selection is held, then the organizers events will ask for the premise of your novel. Before discussing further about the premise, what exactly is a premise?

In KBBI, premise is a sentence or proposition that is used as the basis for drawing conclusions in logic. Still very broad, yes, that is to say? OK, let’s simplify. The premise is the basic idea. In this discussion, the premise of the novel is the basic idea of ​​our novel.

Usually, the premise is conveyed briefly in one sentence. However, it should be noted, even though it is short, the premise must still contain important elements that will move in the story. One of them, of course, is a character. However, apart from the characters, what are the important elements of the premise? Here are 4 important elements that must be in the premise.

1. Purpose

When writing a story, of course you will give one goal that your character must achieve in the novel. Is not it? Well, you must explain this goal in the premise so that those who read it know where your storyline will take you. Just state one main purpose to mention in the premise. Remember, only one goal.

2. Obstacles

When you reach your goal, of course, everything will not run smoothly. There will always be obstacles that hinder our journey to achieve our goals. The same goes for your novel character. Therefore, write down the obstacles that your character must face into the premise, yes. Guess what obstacles your character will face when they reach their goal.

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3. Risk

When you want to achieve a goal, but are constrained by obstacles, of course you have to give up something to be sacrificed. When you sacrifice it, you have to be ready to take the risks.

Just like your character. Because your character already has goals and obstacles that will hinder his progress, he must be willing to take the risk to sacrifice something, in the hope that afterward he can achieve his goal.

4. Resolution

Lastly is the resolution. After your character sacrifices something in the third point, then next you must have a resolution of your character’s problem. For example, at the end of his sacrifice, he managed to achieve what he wanted in the goal earlier.

Those are the 4 important elements in the premise besides the novel characters. Hopefully this article is useful.