August 8, 2022

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4 Freedoms That Should Be Given to Couples in Relationships

Having a good relationship, whether it’s love or marriage, should be able to give each other freedom. Freedom that does not mean losing a sense of care, but freedom which means giving the partner the right to live his own life. So, what freedoms are entitled to be given to a partner? Here are four of them.

1. Freedom to take care of yourself

The first freedom, we must give freedom to our partner to take care of himself. Starting from how she looks, dresses, takes care of her body, and so on. This freedom must be given to a partner so that he does not lose his love for himself, so that he can express himself according to his own identity, and so that he is not burdened with being like other people.

2. Freedom to choose the path of life

Freedom to choose a way of life is given when a partner wants to work, choose a job, study, build a business, and so on. It is his right to determine the way of life he wants. As a good partner we should try to provide the best support we can.

3. Freedom of decision

Even though he is our partner, all decisions in his life are his own right. As long as all of that is still in the realm of goodness, then there is no reason for us to forbid it.

Perhaps, we can give him an opinion and picture from a wider point of view. But how the decision was taken, should be purely his own opinion.

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4. Freedom to channel hobbies

Everyone has their own hobbies. Starting from the arts to sports. All of that, of course, is present and grows within itself and is so attached. With him destined to be our partner, it doesn’t mean he has to lose his hobby.

It would be better if we support the hobbies he has, accompany each other, and it will be even more fun if we have the same hobbies. So we can do it together.

Channeling hobbies in life is very necessary. Although it does not produce, but can make life happier.

Those are the 4 freedoms that should be given to couples. Hopefully it can help us become wiser humans, yes!