October 1, 2022


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4 Free Language Learning Applications, Let’s Get Good at Foreign Languages ​​Fast

In the era of globalization, mastering a foreign language in addition to the national language is one of the skills needed in the world of work. To compete with people from abroad, we are required to be able to communicate using English. The ability to speak foreign languages ​​is not only beneficial in the world of work, but also in the academic world because we have the opportunity to access more sources of information.

Unfortunately, the process of learning a foreign language takes a lot of time and money, so many people are reluctant to start. With these 4 applications, you can hone your skills in foreign languages ​​for free, you know.


Duolingo is a foreign language learning application that was launched in 2011. In Duolingo, you can set daily goals, so that your commitment to learning foreign languages ​​can be even stronger. Besides being able to learn various foreign languages ​​for free, Duolingo also provides an official English Test that is recognized by various world-class institutions.


Not much different from the previous application, Lingodeer is also an application for learning various foreign languages. At Lingodeer, you can learn dozens of foreign languages, including English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and many more. Uniquely, here you will not only be taught a list of vocabulary or phrases, but also grammar and how to express ideas in long sentences. You can try to learn certain language bases for free here, then grab the premium plan if you’re serious.


Unlike other applications, Cake provides learning materials in the form of video conversations in foreign languages. Here, you can learn the expressions based on the context of the activity. Not only that, you can also do exercises speaking with native speakers of the language.

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U-Dictionary is actually a multilingual translator app. This application is managed by a company based in Guangzhou, China. However, apart from being a translator, this application offers various features that allow you to learn new vocabulary and idioms every day in a fun way through games. So that you can improve your foreign language skills in various contexts through this application.

Those are 4 foreign language learning applications that you can try for free. Which application do you want to use?