May 30, 2023

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4 Forms of Journaling You Can Try, Let’s Get To Know!

One of the positive activities we can do to make our day more meaningful is by journaling. Journaling is an activity to pour out various things that we feel or pour whatever activities we do into a media.

Journaling has many forms that we can do to express our feelings and emotions and thoughts in a healthy way.

We can do journaling in various forms, not only through books and pens, other media such as computers or websites, applications on mobile phones, to recordings in the form of audio or video as well as works of art can be used as media for journaling.

There are no special rules for journaling, because the main goal is to express ourselves freely. There are many forms of journaling that we can try. What about? Here are four forms of journaling that you can try, find the one that suits you best!

1. Gratitude Journaling

The first form of journaling is gratitude journaling. This form of journaling focuses on the good and simple things that happen in our lives. We can ask ourselves questions, such as what good things have we received today? What strengths do we have?

2. Reflective Journaling

The second form of journaling focuses on the experiences we have and the meaning we give to those experiences. This form of journaling is usually quite widely applied, because we can capture certain memorable moments.

3. Mood Journaling

Journaling mood invites us to focus on the mood we feel throughout the day. Do we manage to go through the day with a good and positive mood, or just the opposite. We can write down the various feelings we experience, the happiness we feel, or the feelings of sadness and anxiety that come to us.

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4. Goal Journaling

The last form of journaling that you can apply is goal journaling. This form of journaling focuses on planning to achieve the things we want. This form of journaling can also help us to monitor how far our progress has gone.

Those are four forms of journaling that we can try and apply. There are many benefits to journaling. Our feelings can be lighter and the burdens we feel can be put down for a moment. Journaling can also help us to always remember being grateful and happy.