September 27, 2022

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4 Female Anime Characters Who Have Beautiful Faces, Suitable To Be Idols

In the previous article, we discussed a row of male anime characters who have extraordinary visuals that would be suitable if they were idols. Well, now it’s the turn of the female anime characters. The women in this anime universe are no less extraordinary in appearance.

Not only feared for their strength, the appearance of these girls was revered even by their enemies. Come on, let’s check the information below about female anime characters who have beautiful faces.

Illustration of Marin Kitagawa [sumber: imdb]

Visual beauty Heroine we are in My Dress-Up Darling this is perfect. It can’t be denied, that’s why Marin became popular at her school. He is good at using his charms to attract the attention of others.

Apart from that, his fashion sense is OK which adds to his visual perfection. Her flawless look is sure to land a lot of deals with top brands. Not only relying on her facial beauty, Marin is also sociable.

Of course he will have no trouble interacting with fans at fansigning or concerts. This combination makes it easy to gather fans if Marin becomes an idol.

2. Chika Fujiwara – Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Illustration of Chika Fujiwara [sumber: imdb]
Illustration of Chika Fujiwara [sumber: imdb]

One important aspect of idol culture is being good at understanding how social media works, such as TikTok, this platform is very popular and is an important medium for celebrities to promote their work. Thanks to TikTok, Chika’s dance went viral and got a good response from fans. The simple dance was easy for everyone to follow so it wasn’t difficult for him to grab the attention.

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Chika’s cheerful and fun temperament is also a fun thing that makes fans interested. This girl is also a polyglot which certainly won’t be difficult to connect with fans globally.

The most interesting thing is that Chika is a love detective. She can be a teacher for teens who are new to love and need advice on how to approach their crush.

3. Nejire Hado – My Hero Academia

Illustration of Nejire Hado [sumber:]
Illustration of Nejire Hado [sumber:]

In the world of idols, image and personality are everything. Personality is an important aspect that will perfect the appearance of an idol. And it was this aspect that Nejire Hado realized. No wonder he became the center of attention wherever he was.

Nejire was also a very curious person. He doesn’t hesitate to get to know people and ask about other people. His enthusiasm for socializing makes him a social butterfly. His charisma as a hero also stands out. He would never lose the spotlight if he really became an idol.

4. Mitsuri Kanroji – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Illustration of Mitsuri Kanroji [sumber:]
Illustration of Mitsuri Kanroji [sumber:]

Mitsuri is a Hashira of Love. His strength wasn’t just a weapon, but he really reflected his nickname. The girl never said harsh words and did things that hurt other people’s feelings. Mitsuri is very cheap to compliment.

He doesn’t hesitate to say something positive to the people he meets. Presumably it will be difficult for haters to write cruel comments to this sweet figure. An Obanai Iguro who was known for his cold and curmudgeonly could be warmer to Mitsuri.

He can always lighten the mood and make other people comfortable around him. His kindness is a quality that must be owned by an idol.

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Now let’s talk about appearance. In this aspect, Mitsuri might win. Her visuals are pleasing to the eye and she has a unique sense of dress. This makes it always stand out and become a trend setter in the fashion world. So, if you’re a fan, no doubt you’ll make him a role model in terms of clothes mix and match.

So, those are 4 female anime characters who would be suitable to be an idol. Needless to say, they are indeed attractive both visually and character. If you’re in a group, what’s the name of the group, huh?