September 27, 2022

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4 Facts About Mental Health That Are True, Don’t Get Stuck in Myths!

The issue of mental health has recently begun to be widely discussed and has become the attention of the general public. However, unfortunately, in the midst of the onslaught of various available information, we still find many myths about mental health that circulate and are easy to believe.

In fact, mental health is one aspect that needs to be considered properly and carefully, lest we get caught up in myths that are not true. Based on UNICEF and US Department of Health & Human ServicesHere are some facts about true mental health.

1. Doing counseling does not mean mental disorders

Many people think that people who go and consult a psychologist or psychiatrist must be experiencing mental problems. In fact, counseling can help us to make the best choices for ourselves and deal with problems more positively.

Problems that we always bury and pile up and are not handled by the experts, will only overwhelm us. Do not think about the words of people who do not understand, because they only comment according to what they know.

2. Doing therapy is the same as wasting time

There are people who say that doing therapy will only be a waste of time and will not bring any results. In fact, everyone has a different process in mental health care. Just like therapy for physical pain, everyone has a different speed of healing.

When we are in therapy, we must surround ourselves with support systems, namely those who are able to understand us, understand our circumstances, and do not just judge what we do.

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3. Mental health disorders are a form of weakness

Mental health conditions that are not good does not mean a person has weak willpower. In fact, seeking mental health help takes a great deal of strength and courage. So, if there are people who are sarcastic when they know we are undergoing mental therapy, let them be.

4. We can’t help people with mental health problems

In addition to receiving treatment from experts such as psychiatrists or psychologists, the people around you such as family and friends can also help to make changes in a person. those closest to you can help by being more caring.

For example, trying to reach out and let them know that they are ready to help, value and consider the same as others, and participate in learning facts based on scientific evidence not just based on ‘the word’.

Those are four true facts about mental health. Don’t be afraid to talk about your mental health condition so you can live a safe and happy life. Let’s fight the myths surrounding mental health by playing an active role according to our abilities and knowledge.