August 8, 2022

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4 Excessive Attitudes to Others That Should Be Avoided

Connecting with other people has become a necessity for every human being. In the process, there are various ways people react to someone they know. However, there are some excessive attitudes towards others that should be avoided, because of course this can bring bad things in our own lives, especially the potential for disappointment in the future. Some of these attitudes include:

1. Too trusting

For example, there are friends or friends that we trust so much. We believe that he is capable of keeping every one of our secrets, but we should be able to sort out which things in our lives can be entrusted to others and which we should keep to ourselves. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share our hearts or problems, but we still have to have privacy that other people shouldn’t know about.

2. Too presumptuous

Although we should not be too trusting of others, it does not mean that we should always be suspicious and have bad thoughts. Humans must have two sides, namely advantages and disadvantages. If we are too presumptuous, it is feared that in the end we will feel ashamed if what we think of someone is not true.

3. Too hopeful

It’s good if we give up our expectations of others, because hoping for humans more often makes us disappointed. Moreover, if it turns out that we have excessive expectations of others, such as hoping that there will always be someone to help us when we are in trouble. Of course, everyone has their own life and it is impossible for them to always be there in our ups and downs.

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4. Too quick to judge

It takes years for us to get to know and understand a person’s character. Even if we have known him for a long time, it does not guarantee that we will fully understand him. Therefore, we should not be too quick to judge someone. Although there are first impressions that we can catch, but there are many things in a person that we must examine before deciding whether someone is good or bad.

These are four excessive attitudes towards others that should be avoided. It’s good if we treat other people appropriately and not excessively.