October 6, 2022


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4 Effects of Music on the Performance of the Human Brain, One of which Helps Remember

Not much different from other strains of sound, music that enters the eardrum certainly has an influence on the brain and is able to give birth to certain perceptions. But not only that, a series of tones produced by music also affect how the brain works and responds to a stimulus, both from outside the body and from within.

For a long time, the phenomenon of how music can affect the human brain has been studied. You may not know about it. Quoting from hellosehat, here are 4 effects of music that can affect the performance of the human brain.

1. Stimulates brain development

A study by Nina Kraus found that people who practice playing a musical instrument respond better to sounds and language. In another study, Kraus also stated that practicing a musical instrument can help improve one’s ability to hear even in noisy situations and to be able to remember the emotional aspects of speech.

2. Make the brain think more creatively

Every time you listen to a new piece of music, your brain will form a new small structure based on the set of notes you hear. Well, that process helps us in forming a new way of thinking

3. Help learn a new language

A collection of tones produced by music can trigger a response similar to that of language. Whether it’s tone or language stored in brain structures associated with a rearing process, motivation, and also emotions.

4. Helps remember

Music can help to stimulate the performance of the brain to extract information that is remembered by someone. When someone listens to a song or music, a synesthesia phenomenon arises, namely a person’s brain will display a perception such as an image or emotion.

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Well, those were the four benefits that you can get by listening to music or songs. Of the four benefits above, have you felt the impact until now? May be useful.