September 27, 2022

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4 Effects of Listening to Music with Headsets for Too Long

When bored maybe people will listen to their favorite music. However, most young people today like to listen to music through a headset.

The reason is, listening to music using a headset is claimed to sound more clear.

Actually listening to music through a headset is not a problem as long as the volume is not too loud and not too long.

According to a researcher from the International Herald Tribune, the effect of listening to music continuously at high volumes can make the ability to hear decline.

As summarized from hellodochere are 3 effects when listening to music with a headset for too long.

1. Risk of Hearing Loss

If you use a headset, the sound of music automatically goes straight into the ear.

So if you increase the volume beyond 90 decibels this can cause hearing loss or deafness as a complication.

So when listening to music, pay attention to the volume and preferably only 60 percent of the maximum volume.

2. Deaf for a moment

In a study showed that people who like to use a headset or earphones all day at a loud volume.

They can usually feel numbness or deafness for a while, but can return to normal.

This temporary deafness can lead to permanent deafness, so you should not listen to the headset for four hours continuously.

3. Ear Infection

Using a headset to listen to music for too long can cause ear infections.

The reason is, this can increase the growth of bacteria or if used interchangeably can transfer bacteria.

Headsets that are worn continuously can be used directly in the ear canal so that the device can block the airways.

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If you use the headset for too long this can increase the chance of getting an infection.

4. Negative Effects on the Brain

The presence of electromagnetic waves generated by the headset can have a serious impact on the brain.

Although there is no medical evidence, but this is related to the inner ear that is connected to the brain.

So a small infection in the inner ear can directly affect the brain and lead to serious health.