January 30, 2023


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4 Effective Ways to Hang Out for Insecure People

Hanging out in a social environment can be fun and scary for some people.

Besides being able to meet many people, socializing is often not easy, especially for people who are insecure or those who don’t dare. It could be that they are scared, confused or feel weird about hanging out with new people.

Here are 4 effective ways to socialize for people who are insecure, summarized from the One Percent YouTube channel.

1. Smile

The first and most common step is to start with a smile. We can smile at other people to establish interaction and start a chat. What’s more we live in Indonesia where the people are friendly and often smile at others.

But this is certainly different when we live abroad where it will feel strange if we smile at strangers.

2. Try talking and be brave

Often we feel neglected by others in a social environment because we are more silent. But sometimes we have to realize that other people may also have the same problem, find it difficult to start a chat.

Therefore, we ourselves must dare to start a conversation. Just slowly start a general conversation and don’t have to think about much. In this way over time we will get used to chatting and hanging out with other people.

3. Just say so if you don’t agree

This step is probably the most difficult for people who are insecure or lacking in courage. Saying something that is different from our opinion is sometimes difficult but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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Just say it in a polite and kind way and give a reasonable reason. Surely our interlocutor will understand if we do not agree.

4. Get help

This method can be done if we are really afraid or have difficulty getting along with people around us. Consult with experts to find a way out so that we can establish better social interactions.

Those are 4 ways to get along that are effective for inferior people. From now on, don’t be afraid to build social interactions anymore because it is very useful for our lives in the future.