December 1, 2022

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4 Choices of Condom Materials and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Delaying pregnancy can be done in various ways. One of them is using contraceptives such as condoms. Using condoms in anticipation of preventing pregnancy has proven to be quite effective. In addition, the method is very practical and easy. Quoting from page hellodocThere are several choices of condom materials and their advantages and disadvantages. Here is the summary.

1. Thin and Ultra Thin

As the name implies, these condoms are thin and even very thin. The sensation offered is also quite satisfying because with this super thin material the man who wears it does not feel like he is using a condom.

Although thin, condoms with this material have been tested for their ability to prevent pregnancy and prevent the entry of viruses or sexually transmitted diseases. This condom is also claimed to be free from leaks or damage.

2. Latex

Condoms with latex material made of rubber latex tend to be more expensive because they are very effective in preventing pregnancy and preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

But in addition to these advantages, apparently latex condoms also have disadvantages, namely that they can only be used with water-based lubricants.

Then people who have latex allergies should not use this condom because it can cause itching or a burning sensation on the skin.

3. Polyurethane

Although not as elastic as latex material, polyurethane condoms are clear in color and have no odor at all. condoms made from polyurethane are safe to use for people who are allergic to latex, the material is also thin and strong. In addition, this condom can be used for water-based or oil-based lubricants.

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Although thin, this condom is very strong to be able to hold fluids that enter so that it can prevent pregnancy and infectious diseases.

4. Lambskin

Condoms made from lambskin or sheepskin has natural ingredients because it comes from animal skin. Although derived from natural ingredients but this condom does not reduce the sensation in intercourse.

Disadvantages of material condoms lambskin This is not able to prevent the transmission of diseases such as herpes, HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases because the pores in sheepskin are large enough to penetrate various viruses that may enter.

Because it’s for condoms with ingredients lambskin only for someone who is faithful to his legal partner so as not to contract the disease so it is not suitable for people who like to exchange partners.

Those are some condom materials that you can choose as a non-hormonal contraceptive. You can choose according to your needs and don’t forget to look at the advantages and disadvantages so that you can delay pregnancy and prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases

Condoms with these various ingredients are easy to find in convenience stores or online stores. The price is quite varied, ranging from tens of thousands to the most expensive can be up to hundreds of thousands. So now you can choose a condom that is comfortable and suitable for use!