October 1, 2022


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4 Characteristics of Your Sick Co-worker, Likes to Troubleshoot Others!

It’s easier to judge others than to judge yourself. Sometimes you feel like you’ve become a good person. But, that’s not necessarily the case according to the people around you.

As a self-evaluation material, here we will review some of the characteristics that indicate that you are an annoying coworker. Like what? Read on for the discussion below!

1. Often bothers other people

In the world of work, it is natural for you to experience difficulties and ask other coworkers for help. However, you should still know yourself. Don’t let people help you, but instead jump.

Get in the habit of asking others for help with something, learn how. That way, tomorrow, tomorrow, you can do it yourself because you already understand. Don’t stay dependent. That means it’s already bothering other people.

2. The hobby of complaining

Who doesn’t want their work to be done without a hitch? Everyone will. Unfortunately, the reality of life is not like that.

Often times the unexpected can make your plans fall apart, or your work can’t be completed on schedule. Everyone must have experienced something similar.

What irritates people is your constant complaining habit, you know. All things, be it small or big things are always complained about. Other co-workers get tired of hearing that, and you can be branded an annoying person, you know.

3. stingy

It’s true that you can’t be too nice to people, because you will be vulnerable to being taken advantage of. What’s wrong is that if your fear is used, it makes you stingy.

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Whenever a coworker is overwhelmed and needs help, you don’t take the initiative at all to help him. Don’t be surprised, you know, later when you are in trouble, everyone around you will be ignored. Remember the law of sowing and reaping!

4. Selfish

Do you often force your opinion on other coworkers? Or, often dominate company facilities and cause other co-workers to not be able to use them? That includes selfish behavior, and is not liked, you know.

Even though your work performance is good, for example, you always manage to finish work on time but attitude You will still be looked down upon by coworkers around you.

Now that you understand, yes, there are some examples of things that make you an annoying coworker. If there is an attitude above that is always done, from now on, avoid it, OK!