December 2, 2022

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4 Characteristics of Unhealthy Relationships, Unsupported by Your Closest People!

If you hope to be happy with a partner, then get ready to be disappointed if what happens to your love relationship is toxic. Unhealthy romantic relationships instead of encouraging each individual to be better, what happens is actually stressful.

So that you don’t linger in an unhealthy love relationship, you should know what are the characters of toxic relationship which needs to be considered. Let’s see!

1. Not supported by parents

If your parents don’t support your relationship, don’t get angry right away. Try to re-evaluate with a calm mind and heart how your romance has been going so far.

Usually there is a reason why parents do not approve. If your relationship with your partner is healthy and has a positive impact, your parents will have no problem. Instead, they will be happy because their child has a loving partner.

It’s different if you see your partner behave badly, which sometimes escapes your attention because love dies. So, reassess your relationship objectively, yes, if it is hindered by parental approval.

2. Leads you to bad habits

As mentioned earlier, a healthy love relationship can have a positive effect. On the other hand, a toxic relationship can lead you down the wrong path. For example, you may have a new bad habit.

For example, you who never drank alcohol before, since getting to know your partner, you have now become a drunken hobby. If so, which parents are willing to give their blessing?

3. Quietly

Another characteristic of an unhealthy love relationship, is that it is secretive. Therefore, you should not take it easy when your partner continues to demand that your relationship occurs secretly. This can indicate that he treats you only as a free time filler.

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4. There is no honesty

If your partner often lies, he is reprimanded, don’t be silenced. If he was used to lying, who could guarantee that he wouldn’t take any further action in the future. For example, being in a relationship with another even though their status is still a partner with you.

A good couple will realize that one of the foundations of a true love relationship is honesty. Without it, there will be no mutual trust which makes romantic relationships often problematic.

Hopefully knowing the characteristics of a toxic relationship can make you evaluate how your current love relationship is. If it’s not healthy, don’t keep it up, OK?