August 18, 2022

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4 Characteristics of Unhealthy Friendship Relationships, Don’t Be Averse When Invited to Meet!

No different from other types of relationships, in friendship there are some that bring benefits, some bring harm. Brings benefits if the friendship that occurs is going well. On the other hand, it will only do harm or harm if your friendship turns out to be toxic.

To find out what kind of friendship you currently have, it’s a good idea to identify some of the characteristics of an unhealthy friendship, as described below. Let’s see together.

1. Reluctant to be invited to meet

Is it every time your friend invites you to go out together, and you respond lazily? In fact, this condition could be a sign that your friendship is in trouble.

Why can’t you be reluctant to be invited to meet because the track record of meeting so far is not good. Every time you meet your friends it’s not the same happy, instead you frown because there is something that makes you annoyed after meeting them.

2. There are too many fights

In interacting, of course, it is very natural that you experience differences of opinion or misunderstandings. Just communicate, it will be done later.

What should be observed if this fight has happened too often, to the point that you feel that making friends makes you tired. Your energy is always wasted dealing with drama that seems to never run out. If it’s like this, it’s a sign that your friendship is not healthy, you know.

3. Often jealous

One of the characteristics of a good friend is that when you are happy, they are happy too. But what happened was the opposite. If you get something that makes you happy, you will be looked down on and they are very jealous.

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4. No emotional support

The next thing that can indicate that your friendship is unhealthy is that there is no emotional support.

When you are sad or depressed you don’t think about contacting your friends just to vent. This is because there is a trauma when talking to them is always uncomfortable.

Well, if the signs were shown by your current friendship, then it’s time to let go of the relationship. It’s very clear that your friendship is not healthy, you know.