October 6, 2022


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4 Characteristics of Teenagers Seeking Attention from Their Parents, Don’t Ignore!

Sometimes because they feel that teenagers can do things independently, parents just let it go. In fact, teenagers still need attention and affection from their parents, you know. When it is not obtained, they can do many things to attract the attention of their parents.

Here will be reviewed some of the characteristics of teenagers seeking the attention of their parents. Like what? Let’s see together.

1. Behaving naughty

If your child often acts naughty and makes mistakes, it’s best not to immediately scold him all-out. First, correct yourself as a parent, whether all this time you have met the child’s needs, including their emotional needs.

As mentioned earlier, children who do not get enough attention from their parents will try to do anything to attract attention. Among them by creating various trouble so parents can pay more attention.

2. Run away from home

Children who are comfortable at home will definitely not be interested in leaving the house. On the other hand, when he doesn’t feel comfortable at home, he will look for an outlet outside.

One of the causes of uncomfortable children, namely the arid love from parents. Kendari’s parents were present, but only physically, while each was busy with his own business.

Even if it gets attention, it is usually in the form of a scolding. Anyone would not feel at home, right, if they grew up in such an environment?

3. School is lazy

If your child used to be so diligent in studying, but when he grew up he became lazy, then there must be something wrong. This is where parents need to communicate with their children.

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Children who are lazy to go to school can be caused by being bullied, or for other reasons. One of them because they feel unnoticed by their parents.

Have studied hard to achieve, but there is no response. Children feel unappreciated, and eventually lose motivation to learn.

4. Engage in promiscuity

Another characteristic of teenagers who seek parental attention, which is involved in promiscuity. Being a good boy was not noticed, he finally tried to be a bad boy with bad friends.

These were some of the signs that teenagers need attention from their parents. Hopefully this explanation can make parents aware that they are not negligent in giving love to children who are already teenagers.