August 8, 2022

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4 Characteristics of Successful People Applying Self Validation, Are You One?

Self validation is one of the important aspects that we must apply so that we are able to accept ourselves as we are. There are various forms self validation such as believing in your own abilities, to accepting all your limitations and shortcomings as they are.

One of the benefits that we can feel when we apply self validation is a feeling of calm and peace because we are able to appreciate what is in us. One of the main characteristics possessed by successful people self validation is confident.

Based on an article from Oregon Counseling (2020), the following are some other characteristics that indicate someone has successfully applied self validation against himself.

1. Accept and love yourself

The main characteristic that is felt when someone has successfully applied self validation is that he is able to accept and love himself as he is.

He no longer feels that he is a person who is left behind from others, and he no longer often feels insecure. He realized that everyone must be able to accept themselves first if they want to be accepted by the environment.

2. Able to understand one’s own thoughts and feelings

The second characteristic is that the person is able to understand himself, including the thoughts and feelings he is feeling.

He was no longer judging himself, blaming himself for what had happened. People who have applied self validation He realized that there were things that he couldn’t control.

3. Being able to realize one’s own weaknesses

Everyone has their own weaknesses. People who have successfully applied self validation will realize their weaknesses and try to improve.

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However, before that he did not feel inferior or lacking in self-confidence at all. He can get himself right without being too hard on himself.

4. Does not require the judgment of others

There is a fundamental difference between constructive criticism and suggestions from others and judgments that only intend to bring us down. People who are able to apply self validation definitely know how to tell the difference between these two things.

He no longer focuses on the bad judgment of others, but focuses on improving what they lack based on constructive criticism and suggestions.

Those are the four characteristics or traits of people who have successfully applied it self-validation. Are there any of the above characteristics in you? It’s still not too late to start loving yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself.