December 2, 2022

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4 Characteristics of a Leader with Integrity

A leader of a country or region must have high integrity. Integrity can be seen from what is conveyed in line with the actions taken.

A leader with integrity must also want to protect his subordinates and the community. This can be categorized as a leader with integrity.

To further explore the characteristics of a leader with integrity, we can look at the following points. Here are 4 characteristics of a leader with integrity.

1. Honest

Honesty must be owned by every leader, both at work and outside of work. Self-integrity can be reflected in all daily actions.

For example, a leader who does not practice corruption and has never been involved in corruption can be said to be an honest leader. Actions like that should be highlighted by our current leaders.

2. Doing blusukan

It becomes important when the leader wants to blusukan. The point is, the leader wants to go out into the field to approach the community and listen to their complaints and wishes.

A leader must absorb aspirations and be willing to realize these aspirations as a form of self-integrity.

3. Firm

Leading a country is certainly very difficult. A leader needs firmness so that all policies taken are well and smoothly implemented by his subordinates.

We can see a leader with integrity from his firmness towards those who do not carry out their duties properly. With such firmness, it can create goodness for the nation and state.

4. Realizing the policy

Finally, a leader must be able to realize his policies. It must be remembered that people really want to feel well-being and live a better life than before.

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To achieve that, every policy issued by the government can be realized so that it has a positive impact on the community.

Some of these things must be upheld by a leader. Do not let these important things be forgotten. And, for people who want to be leaders, they must improve themselves and have these characteristics.

Hopefully what is described can be useful for future leaders and our current leaders. The people want the government’s participation in making policies that always target the needs of the community.