September 27, 2022

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4 Characteristics of a crush not wanting to be in a romantic relationship with you

Sometimes the heart is unpredictable. Even though you feel that you have tried your best to make him love you, but it seems that your PDKT action has not made any progress. Well, if it’s like that, maybe your feelings are not on the same frequency. So that you don’t waste time chasing someone who is clearly not interested, identify some of the characteristics of a crush who doesn’t want to be in a love or romance relationship with you below.

1. So far he has never started a conversation

Come to think of it, the conversations that have been going on so far have always been you who started it. He never texted first. In fact, you two have been interacting with each other for a long time.

Well, this could be a way not to give the wrong signal. Worried that if he takes the initiative, you’ll think he has the same feelings.

2. Never want to be invited to meet

The next thing if your crush is not interested in a relationship with you, that is every time you ask to meet you never want to. There’s just a reason. Want to stay at home, have events with family, with friends, with pets, and many other reasons.

People who have the same feeling, which is that they like you as busy as they are, will definitely allocate time for you. So, if he seems to always dodge when asked to go out, it could indicate he’s not interested.

3. He refuses your help

There are people who refuse help out of pride. As long as he can do it himself, he will try to be independent.

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It’s just that, if he doesn’t mind accepting other people’s help, just with you being the exception, it could be because he doesn’t want to be in debt at all. He knows you have special feelings for him. So that he doesn’t feel burdened by having to reciprocate the same feelings, he refuses your help.

4. Your messages are often not read

Through how he replies to messages, you can find out, you know, whether he likes you or not. If your messages are rarely read, often even for days on end just like that, now that’s a strong signal that he’s not interested in a love relationship with you.

That’s the characteristic of a crush who doesn’t want to have a love or romance relationship with you. If your crush has behaved like that before, then don’t force it, okay? He even got embarrassed!