August 8, 2022

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4 Causes We Like to Gossip, Don’t Get Used to It!

We all agree that giving back or gossiping is a despicable act. So bad, this action is likened to us eating the carcass of our own dead brother.

However, even though everyone agrees that gossiping is a despicable act, that doesn’t mean that no one likes to do it. In our daily lives, we always meet people who like to gossip in the midst of their routine. In fact, it could be that person is ourselves.

The habit or penchant for gossiping can be caused by several things. Here are 4 things that can cause us to like to gossip.

1. Distracted with other people’s business

Everyone has their own business. As other people, we should know enough about the things we should know. Don’t feel curious or curious about other people’s business. Especially matters of a private nature.

This curiosity often makes us happy to gossip. When curiosity arises, we will dig up information, either through the person concerned or from the gossip circulating. After we know a lot of things, there will be an inner urge to tell others.

2. Make Friends with People Who Like to Gossip

It is true that our friends are a reflection of us. One of them is if we are friends with people who like to gossip, chances are that we will also be happy to gossip too. This is because we often hear our friends gossip. Then over time we also become accustomed to gossip.

3. Don’t Have Busyness

People usually gossip in their spare time, when there is time to hang out with other people. The more free time we have, the more opportunities we have to gossip. If we have other routines that keep us busy, surely we will not have time to gossip.

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4. Feeling Better Than Others

Telling other people’s badness is closely related to demeaning that person. This is because we feel better than other people so it is easy for us to tell the bad. If we always remember that every human being has strengths and weaknesses, we will feel reluctant to gossip because we know that we also have weaknesses.

Thus 4 reasons we like to gossip or talk bad about other people. Don’t get used to it, okay?