August 8, 2022

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4 Causes Someone Has a Trust Issue, Ever Feel?

Trust or trust is an important thing in a relationship, such as romance. The existence of a trust in a partner will make the relationship harmonious and avoid conflict. On the other hand, trust issue is a picture of people who can no longer trust others, especially in terms of words. They will have a very high sense of suspicion, even to the point of questioning the intentions and motivations of others towards them. This will make it more difficult for them to relate to other people. Why do trust issues arise?

So in this article, we will discuss four reasons why someone can have a trust issue. Quoting from the Instagram account, here’s the discussion

1. Ever Betrayed by Others

Often, trust issues begin with betrayal by others. For example when someone has been cheated on in a relationship. The pain received from the affair will reduce or even eliminate his trust in others. Including for new people who want to try to establish a relationship with him.

2. Domestic Conflict

Children who have seen conflict between their parents will feel more afraid to start a relationship with another person in the future, because the conflict that occurs will be recorded in their memory and turn into a trust issue.

3. Social Rejection

For people who have felt rejected by friends in a social environment, it will usually be more difficult to trust others. Especially if the rejection is followed by bullying that can shake the psyche. Even repeated rejection will make the issue even more difficult to overcome.

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4. Attachment Style

Experts say that a person’s characteristic pattern of behavior or attachment style will affect the way they respond to the trustworthiness of a relationship. People with secure attachment style may be able to forgive and return to trust others who have made a mistake. But for people with insecure attachment style, it will be easier to feel jealous and anxious when in a relationship.

Those are the four reasons why someone has a trust issue. May be useful!