December 6, 2022

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4 Benefits of Singing for Mental Health, One of them is Fighting Stress

One of the ways that some people’s idols express their feelings is by singing, no matter whether they have a good voice or not. Not only from the melody or rhythm, but the lyrics in a song often describe our true mood. Whether it’s happy or sad, usually the heart will be more relieved after singing. Summarize from Alodokter, Hellosehat, Honestdocs.idand DoctorhealthHere are four benefits of singing.

1. Fight stress

Singing has health benefits that can help reduce stress. This is evidenced by several studies which state that after singing, the levels of the hormone cortisol or often called the stress hormone in a person’s body can decrease.

Usually someone will feel more happy, relaxed, comfortable, relieved and in a better mood after singing. A situation like this can also be felt by someone who doesn’t really like singing in his daily life.

2. Prevents anxiety

Singing a song can actually make our bodies release the hormone oxytocin in quite a lot. This hormone is the love hormone, which can be obtained by falling in love, having sex, and also when you are hugging someone. The hormone oxytocin can also have a relaxing effect. The hormone obtained from the benefits of singing can help to reduce or overcome excessive anxiety.

3. Increase mental alertness

Singing can also improve blood flow and increase oxygen to the brain, which can help improve mental alertness, memory and concentration.

4. Emotional relief

Letting go of an emotion can help you improve your mood and behavior. One of them is by crying, when you are sad and then sing a sad song, it can provoke someone to cry. Usually a person will feel relief after his emotions are released, one of which is singing.

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So, those were the four benefits that you can get by singing. Let’s get used to singing from now on, if you are embarrassed to sing in front of other people, you can sing alone when you are at home or in the bathroom. May be useful.