August 8, 2022

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4 Benefits of Regularly Cutting Nails, Don’t Take It For granted!

There are still not many who do not know the benefits of regularly cutting nails. Even some people think this routine is not an important thing. No wonder many people deliberately lengthen their nails for a long period of time.

In fact, cutting nails that are already long has many benefits. Adapt the page doctorhealth.comSome of the benefits that you can get if you regularly cut long nails include:

1. Reducing the Occurrence of Injuries

The first benefit, reduces the possibility of injury. It can cause injury when accidentally scratching the skin, hitting the eyes or other organs of the body. In addition, long nails are also more prone to breakage.

Meanwhile, if you cut and do not let it long, the potential for injury can be minimized. Do not underestimate this because even if it seems trivial it can result in serious injury.

2. Prevents Fungal and Bacterial Infections

The next benefit of regular nail cutting prevents fungal and bacterial infections. Long nails are more susceptible to dirt, if it accumulates or mixes with sweat, it can cause fungus and bacteria to develop.

This condition is more common in the toenails than the hands. Although the toenails are longer in length, there are still many who neglect the routine to trim to avoid the potential for infection.

Especially for those of you who often wear socks and shoes, it has more potential to cause a nest of fungi or bacteria. Because, dirty and humid conditions mixed into one.

3. Prevent Poisoning

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Cutting regularly can also prevent poisoning. This benefit will be felt for those of you who often use your hands to eat. So, it’s best if you like to eat with your hands, don’t leave this one routine.

If left long it is likely to cause infectious organisms and bacteria to enter the body. This is what can lead to poisoning.

4. Digestive system is more awake

The last benefit that can be obtained when doing this activity regularly is that the digestive system is more awake. Relevant to the prevention of poisoning will automatically make the digestive system always awake.

Usually, cutting fingernails can be done once a week, while toenails every two weeks. Regarding this routine, it depends on the condition of each individual’s nails. Do not neglect this activity so that the benefits of regular nail cutting can be obtained.